Therapy is a safe space away from social conditions and expectations of others

 to fully focus on self.  As a Counsellor, my professional aim is to support you by working together to overcome feelings of anxiety, depression and other forms of distressing feelings you might be experiencing at the moment that are not letting you enjoy your day-to-day life.

Therapy is not easy, and I'm told by my clients that I am a challenging Therapist, I do however, take pride in the results my clients experience.




I'm a transcultural Person-Centred Counsellor, Registered Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP)

Since 2012, I’ve been working with clients in a variety of settings such as the NHS, children's charity Place2Be, as as Counsellor for women victims of domestic violence

and my own private practice in N1.

I collaborate to different social projects as I believe our emotional health is at the heart of social inclusion.

I take pride in the high-quality therapy I provide and the results my clients experience.

My rates start at £50 per session and I offer the initial consultation free of charge. This consultation gives you the opportunity to ask, without any financial commitment,  questions you might have about therapy and what you would like to get from it.  

If you would like to book your free consultation or discuss further simply enquiry here

Therapy can be in English and Spanish



I also offer coaching services for those who prefer a more practical, structured personal plan to help you move past the obstacles in your life. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal and professional goals. Contact me to see how I can help you develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.

'It's difficult to know where to start or what to bring sometimes... to speak even. I like that Claudia challenges my silences like no other therapist before, it really helps me make the most of sessions..'



I work with adults on a variety of issues that could be causing a sense of stuckness or unhelpful behaviour. Anxiety, depression, relationships, bereavement, addiction, abuse, childhood trauma and suicide thoughts are among the areas I can offer therapeutic support.

No past trauma or experiences can ever be undone, therapy sessions, either open ended or structured, can give you the space to find resolutions that can lead you to live a more enjoyable day to day life.


Previously a Youth Worker, I have many years experience of providing therapy for children and young people (5-18 years old) using creative methods such as Play Therapy, Metaphore and Art Therapy.

Therapy in children and young people can support to a healthy transition to adulthood, a confident sense of identity and future prospects 


I am a trained Group, Couples and Family Therapist. I work with couples and families restoring trust and the way couples and family membes relate with one another.

We work through giving each member equal space to explore issues around relationships, bereavement, alcoholism, domestic abuse, fertility, infidelity and any other issues known or unknown to couples and family members

'Claudia knows when to challenge me.. sometimes it has been difficult but in her sessions I feel safe and 'real' pretence or facade. I feel free in who I am or what I feel and think. It's very empowering..'


"Healing is absolutelly possible"


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Consultations are free. 

I offer a wide range of appointment slots to fit your personal and work schedules

De Beauvoir Town, London N1, UK

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De Beauvoir Town, London N1, UK


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