About Sessions & Therapy Plans

What is therapy? Therapy comes in different forms, from dance therapy, art therapy, talking therapy, cognitive therapy (CBT), phone call therapy, psychoanalysis and a few more. My type of therapy is the talking therapy style, meaning you bring to sessions whatever it is you know you wish to work on, or if you don’t know, we work on that too.


​My therapeutic style: Each therapist is different,

I feel pleased to say my clients report significant life changes through our sessions. I will be challenging at times as I want you to make the best out of sessions, after all it is a significant investment you are making for your wellbeing.

I would not normally give you homework or advise you on how to live your life, I will challenge you where I feel there are patterns you might be aware of or not, how they impact your life and ways to change them. 


What can you bring to therapy? Anything really, if what you bring to sessions is outside my clinical remit, then we will establish this and I will offer referral support.


We can work in sessions to help you with difficulties you might have when relating to others, pressures from family or work, unhealthy behaviours you might be finding difficult to break from, bereavement, addictions, anxiety,  break-up of relationships, your future prospects or lack of.

My clinical practice adheres to the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists BACP and its Ethical Framework, meaning my work is regularly monitored and supervised.

Open-ended Therapy

Open-ended therapy means we would meet once a week, setting out what you hope to gain from therapy and working on achieving that. Open-ended therapy can end whenever you feel ready, or need a break. 

Cost £50 per session, 50 mins long



Structured Therapy Plans

This type of structured therapy follows the NHS model of Counselling, meaning you can choose a 6 or 10 week session plan. 


Structured therapy means that it works with a beginning, middle and end, guided by what you hope to achieve from therapy and reviewing progress as we go through each stage


Cost £290, 6 week plan, 50 mins per session

Cost £480, 10 week plan, 50 mins per session 


Couples Therapy: £80 p/session, 50 mins session 

Family & Group Therapy: Fees on request- depending on group size